Slots Machine — River Fun: build casino boat!

Travel all over the America, spin slots & build your casino riverboat!

Go on a trip to America on the legendary casino river boat! Immerse in the retro style of the 30s: travel to famous places, accomplish the mission of heroes and develop your casino boat! A stunning atmosphere of New York, Miami, San Francisco, Hollywood, Las Vegas and other surprising locations are waiting for you.

On your journey you will discover:

— Unique artifacts for customization and decoration of the casino boat
— Unique slots in more than 30 locations with recognizable style of the city
— More than 100 symbols in thematic collections
— Typical characters that resemble celebrities
— Awesome bonus slots from collectible symbols
— A fascinating atmosphere of the 30's with entourage music and graphics


— Game is available even offline — play anywhere you want!
— Build hotel with retro cabins in your casino — rent it to friends and get daily coins!

Let's Play!